Wait For Me

„Wait for me!“ is what Charlie seems to say to everyone. His mama, at school, and even his friends. Charlie loves looking for butterflies, rocks, and other pretty things, even though everyone always tells him to hurry up. But what happens when Charlie visits Grandpa?

A tender book about the simple beauties of life and appreciating the things that matter most.

Ina Kotanko

Ina Kotanko

As a child, Ina was known for trying out her pencil on every accessible surface in the house and never leaving home without pen and paper. Despite growing up, the latter hasn’t changed, and she still spends most of her free time with her markers and watercolors. Ina is from Bavaria, Germany, and lives there with her partner, whose (sometimes childish) ideas she often incorporates into her artworks. When she’s not drawing, she can be found exploring the city with her camera or cuddling with the neighbors’ cats.
Molly Carter

Molly Carter

Molly has been writing stories since she learned to read them. She has lived in big cities, little towns, on islands, in mountains, and in deserts. She loves adventures like jumping out of airplanes, riding camels, and even swimming with sharks. She also loves smelling flowers and carving pumpkins. When she’s not reading, writing stories, cutting paper, or drawing pictures, she loves exploring with her favorite people.
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Marina Kotanko
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